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DBNA joined SK St. James Quop Centennial Anniversary Dinner

SK St. James Quop Centennial Anniversary Dinner was held on the 26th July 2014 at the Crown Imperial Hall, Crown Tower. The dinner was organised by the School Board of Management which the guest of honor was the Right Reverend Assistant Bishop Aeris Sumping Jingan representing His Grace The Most Reverend Datuk Bolly Lapok, Archbishop of the Anglican Province of South East Asia cum Chairman of the Sarawak Anglican School Board of Management.

The Exco members of the Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) was invited to join in the celebration with them. It was full of down the memory lane kind of dinner where the oldest student receiving a plaque from the school management, Mr Jin Chung Anak Joshua was borned on the 18th February 1918. Mr Rebid Anak Duka was the oldest Headmaster who served in the school. All the award was jointly presented by YB Datuk Roland Sagah and the Right Reverend Assistant Bishop Aeris Sumping Jingan. The Organising Chairman was Mr Donald Ah Guan who himself was also the Chairman of DBNA Samarahan Branch.

DBNA President Datu Ik Pahon Joyik joined the high table together with Right Reverend Assistant Bishop Aeris Sumping Jingan and YB Datuk Roland Sagah Wee Inn, Deputy Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly and YB for N.17 Tarat. Bidayuh Temenggong for Kuching Mr Austin Dimin was also among the VIPs during the function.

Beautiful pieces presented by the choir group of St. James Church and also the pupils of the school. Cake cutting and toast was held during function as well. The night continue with the band boys rendering requested song by the diners.

Visit by delegation from Timor-Leste

DBNA will host a delegation from the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste the Ministry of Education for 5 days, from 13 July 2014. The delegation is here to study the Multi Language Education (MLE) pre-school program that DBNA started with the assistance of UNESCO, and the Bidayuh Language Development Project (BLDP) that was started with the assistance of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL). Besides these, the delegation is also interested to experience Bidayuh culture.

Dr. Karla Smith and her husband Jim are International Literacy Consultants with SIL. They helped get the Bidayuh Sekolah Bahasa Warisan Schools started in 2007. They are currently working in East Timor, helping the government there establish Mother-Tongue-Based Multilingual Education.

At the HQ, the delegation will be briefed on DBNA activities, in particular the MLE program and the BLDP. They will be observing the DBNA Bahasa Warisan schools in Sinjok, Benuk, and Bogag. They also will visit a primary school in Kampung Sinjok. Their visit to the following schools being arranged by the DBNA Penrissen and Bau Branches. During its stay here, the delegation will be introduced to Bidayuh cuisine, and DBNA has also arranged for some Bidayuh cultural performances by the students.

DBNA is delighted and honoured to host the delegation, and extends a warm welcome to all its members. We hope that the delegation members will also take time to enjoy the city with its clean and green setting and its friendly people and multi-cultural population.

DBNA expresses it gratitude to Timor-Leste for choosing DBNA for its study visit. We regard this as an international recognition of DBNA’s linguistics programs. We would like to thank SIL and UNESCO for recommending DBNA to be visited and for organizing it. DBNA also expresses its gratitude to members of the MLE program, the BLDP, the Education sub-committee, other relevant sub-committees, and the relevant Branches for their cooperation and support in hosting and welcoming our guests from Timor-Leste. Last, but not least, DBNA thanks the sponsors of the lunch, dinners and cultural performances that have been organized for the visit.

We wish the delegation a very fruitful and productive visit with the Dayak Bidayuh National Association and the Bidayuh community. DBNA hopes that this visit can lead to future cooperation between the two communities.

Before departing home, the Smiths and the Timorese will go to Miri to conduct teacher training there.

World Bidayuh Golf Championship 2014 – Gets New Challenge Trophy

After 10 years of organising WBGC, the committee received the new Dato Sri Michael Manyin’s Challenge trophy for this year’s event which is to be held at Sarawak Golf Club (KGS). The trophy will replace the previous trophy after it was won by previous champion. About 65 participants have confirmed to join this year’s competition. This year, another challenge trophy up for grabs is the DBNA President’s Challenge trophy. Dato Sri Michael Manyin’s Challenge trophy is for Gross Champion and the President’s is for the Nett Champion.

To receive the challenge trophy today on 30 June 2014 was DBNA President Datu Ik Pahon Joyik who led the committee to meet Dato Sri Michael Manyin at his office at Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Communication Sarawak at Wisma Masja, Petra Jaya.


The committee members that attended the handing over of the trophy were the Organising Chairman Mr Robert Elone, Mr Joseph Jindy, Mr Ricky Guing, Mr James Sinjeng, Mr Chali Ungang, and Mr Joseph Beron.

The competition will be held on 5 July 2014 Saturday with lot of prizes to be won by the participants. Sponsors for this year’s event also come from individuals, the Yang Berhormats and also from the corporate bodies for the novelties like the hole-in-one, nearest to the hole, and longest drive. MASwings is sponsoring 2 sectors flight seats free from Kuching-Miri and Kuching-Bintulu to and fro.

DBNA and WBGC committees thank all that have contributed to ensure the success of this year’s event. This year, 10 Gross prizes and 10 Nett prizes are also up for grabs.

Dato Sri Michael Manyin said, “The Bidayuh when they organise any event, there are apolitical especially under DBNA. Every Bidayuh are invited to join”.

9th Gawai Dayak Carnival at Redeems Centre at Kampung Apar, Singai

DBNA Central Executive Committees joined 1,000 people attended the 9th Gawai Dayak Carnival at Redeems Centre at Kampung Apar, Singai, which featured cultural dance performances. 9 door longhouse was erected for visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of the Bidayuh hospitality with authentic foods and ‘tuak tobuh’.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said ‘The Gawai celebration is a significant festival in Sarawak which can contribute to the country’s tourism industry’

He said the celebration, which falls in June every year, could become a major tourist attraction due to its uniqueness and Sarawak was already well-known for its strong unity and harmonious multiracial society.

He is confident with what Sarawak has to offer, it can continue to attract more tourists and help pull tourists to Malaysia, adding the unity of people in Sarawak was something everyone should be proud of and must be preserved.

He said a united people were the backbone of the county, pointing out that without unity the country would not be able to move forward and become a high income and developed nation by 2020.

Also present were Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud and wife Toh Puan Ragad Kurdi Taib, Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem and State Minister’s and Civil servants.

DBNA to intensify efforts to document traditional herbs and medicine in the Bidayuh community

A team from DBNA attended a seminar on the development and implementation of a national access and benefit sharing framework for traditional knowledge and genetic resources organised by Sarawak Biodiversity Centre at Jalan Puncak Borneo. It is important that the indigenous communities benefit from any initiative to exploit their traditional knowledge and genetic resources for commercial purposes. Many of the traditional knowledge and herbs and plants of the Bidayuh community are being documented by SBC, and many of these have potentials in the development of pharmaceutical and health care products. It is therefore important that the community documents its traditional knowledge, not only to preserve them for future generations, but also to protect them from being exploited by outsiders and businesses without benefiting the community. Paul Akiu who led the team at the seminar said DBNA would work with SBC and other authorities to document and protect traditional knowledge and other cultural resources of the community.

DBNA and UIAM on Intellectual discussion

A cordial discussion on Bidayuh intellectual properties was held with a group of professors from University Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM) today at a local hotel in Kuching City. DBNA was represented by Datu Ik Pahon Joyik, Chali Ungang and Jubilant Austinway. UIAM wanted to understand how DBNA play its role to preserve and document Bidayuh culture, heritage and traditional knowledge with regards to our oral tradition, material cultures and languages. Also present were two officers from the ICT Unit of the Chief Minister’s Department, Corelineson Nosin and Steward Sayong.

Gawai Nyobang at Kampung Gumbang Bau

Datu Ik Pahon Joyik attended ‘Gawai Nyobang’ or ‘Gawai Mukah’ at Kampung Gumbang Bau today. The Gawai is a skull bathing festival practised by the Bidayuh pagans. Today 14 June 2014, a group from Kampung Sebujit make a return visit to Kampung Gumbang. They are from Kacamatan Siding Kalimantan Indonesia.

Since 2010 this event has been going on between our bethrens from Indonesia and Sarawak Bidayuhs. DBNA had started the event as an annual event. Next year DBNA will make a trip to celebrate Gawai Nyobeng at Kampung Sebujit. DBNA Bau Branch will organise the next event which is already included in the DBNA Calender Annual Event.

In Kampung Gumbang the festival of the skull was held at Baruk Tiguon. The ritual was done by Ketua Adat from Kampung Gumbang En. Anjan ak Jikan.

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JAKOA visit to Kampung Skuduk and DBNA Headquarters

A team comprises 10 members of Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli (JAKOA) had a working visit to Sarawak, specifically to the Bidayuh area to learned about our success on documentation of the NCR land in which titles had been given to the land owners by the Land and Survey Department.

Their visit was organised by the Chief Minister Office to Kampung Skuduk, Siburan. They arrived at the village around 10.00 AM and were welcomed with Bidayuh tranditional music and dances performed by the troupes of Kampung Skuduk. Those receiving them were YB Datuk Roland Sagah Wee Inn, Deputy DUN speaker and ADUN N.17 Tarat, the President of DBNA Datu Ik Pahon Joyik, Temenggong Austin Dimin, Mr Micheal Dawi, Director in the Chief Minister Office, Ms Alicia Tay (Assistant Director of CMO), Mr Johan Achu Jupaw (Senior Accountant), Mr Zamahari Haji Saidi the acting Resident Officer of Kuching, Mr Wilson Spilak the SAO of Sub-district of Siburan, the village chief KK Silbey anak Nobek and many others.

The delegates from JAKOA were led by the Department Director Datuk Mohd Sani bin Mistam and his officers.

KK Silbey anak Nobek welcomed them to his village and briefed them on his village’s development and planning. He also briefed the delegates on the history of the village where the community of Kampung Skuduk was first moved to the lowland from Kampung Chupak. Kampung Skuduk was established in 1952 and ever since, paddy and rubbers have become the main source of income.

YB Datuk Roland Sagah Wee Inn also thanked the delegates for choosing Kampung Skuduk as the village to do their field study. In his speech, he mentioned about the fast development in Kampung Skuduk in addition to tourism spots like the cave and hot spring, which can be visited by tourists. The NCR land documentation project in Kampung Skuduk was not easy as there were many issues to settle, which delayed the project for a while.

Datu Ik Pahon gave brief presentation of the DBNA Land Documentation project to the delegates of JAKOA. The Land Documentation for Kampung Skuduk started way back in 2007 and on 12 Feb 2012, the village folks finally received their land titles from the Land and Survey Department of Sarawak. Kampung Skuduk was DBNA’s first pilot project for the Land Documentation. With the help of the Global Positioning System (GPS), the work became easier as the devices were connected directly to the satellite and the coordination can be saved in the devices for mapping to be done.

DBNA Land Documentation system helps Land and Survey Department to give land titles faster as most of the work have already been done by the village committees earlier. Most of the disputes are solved within the community itself.

Visit to DBNA Headquarters

From Kampung Skuduk, the delegates went to visit to DBNA Headquarters at Jalan Kumpang, and were further briefed on DBNA’s programs especially on the word list compilations, Multi Language Education (MLE) and the play schools which have been taught in few villages in their respective mother tongue.

While in DBNA the delegates were shown to a mini expo displayed and after which a briefing by Vice President Mr Chali Ungang on the DBNA on-going programs for the communities and also the high achievers Bidayuh in the federal cabinet and the state including Olympic bronze medalist Ms Pandelela Rinong.

Handing over the memento to the head of the delegates YBhg Datuk Mohd Sani bin Mistam by Vice President Mr Joseph Jindy, followed with a tour to the buildings around DBNA and photo session with the delegates as a remembrances.

Also presence was Vice President Ms Jimas Jihel, Sec-Gen Mr Jubilant Austinway, Assistant Sec-Gen Mr Anga Solep, Assistant Treasurer Dr Clarence Jerry, Exco Mr Paul Akiu, Exco Ms Nancy Mongin, Exco Mr Jeanoth Sinel, DBNA Kuching Tengah Branch Vice Chairman Mr Jack Oduin and Ms Ani Solep the Secretary for Sarawak Bidayuh Graduates Association (BGA).

12 June 2014

Datu Ik Pahon is still the President of DBNA

During the 7th Triennial General Assembly of DBNA that was held at its premise at Jalan Kumpang on 7 June 2014, the new line-up for DBNA was a mixed of old and new faces in the committee after the election of her supreme council members. 17 Branches sent their delegates and observers for this 7th TGA. Ms Ani Solep was appointed as a returning officer during the TGA.

Datu Ik Pahon anak Joyik won uncontested and will run for another term as the President of DBNA for 2014 – 2017.

Mr Boniface Anat anak Litis won the Deputy President after a 3 cornered fight for the post. Vice President 1 won by Mr Joseph Jindy anak Peter Rosen, Vice President 2 won by Mr Chali anak Ungang and Vice President 3, Ms Jimas anak Jihel after 4 approved nominations out of 6 submissions with 2 nominations disqualified for the 3 posts of Vice Presidents.

Another 6 unopposed positions (only 1 name was being nominated) in the Supreme Council for the posts as follows:

Secretary General: Mr Jubilant Austinway
Assistant Secretary General: Mr John Angga@Loren anak Solep
Treasurer General: Mr Asem anak Linkin
Asistant Treasurer General: Dr Clarence Jerry
Information and Publicity: Mr Joseph Beron
Cultural and Tradisional: Mr Stephen Sundin

The Ordinary Exco members were heavily contested with 10 nominations submitted for 8 vacant posts. The followings are the list of winning candidates:

1. Dr Kismet anak Hong Ping
2. Nancy Anak Mongin
3. Yunus Apok
4. Paul Akiu anak Bandat
5. Capt Bernard Idit
6. Genot anak Sinel @ Jeannoth Sinel
7. James Nahar anak Goel
8. George Sikien Sunow

Congratulation to all winners.

A memorable courtesy visit to YAB Chief Minister of Sarawak

On 28 May 2014, a visit was made by Dayak Bidayuh Nasional Association (DBNA) and Sarawak Bidayuh Graduates Association (BGA) to YAB Chief Minister of Sarawak Tan Sri Adenan Bin Hj Satem at his office at Wisma Bapa Malaysia. The group was headed by the Advisor of DBNA, YB Dato Sri Micheal Manyin Anak Jawong, Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication and the President of DBNA, Datu Ik Pahon anak Joyik together with the President of BGA Dr Ahi Sarok.

Both DBNA and BGA together with committee members were present. The visit was to congratulate YAB Tan Sri on his appointment as Chief Minister of Sarawak and to brief him on DBNA program such as NCR land initiative at Bidayuh village level and community hostel to be constructed at DBNA HQ. The proposal will be submitted to YAB CM soon. The next topic was on multilingual education program which is also called MLE Program. This program is still ongoing in few villages where young children between 3 to 5 years of age are taught in their mother tongue such as Salako Lara, Jagoi Bratak, Biatah and Bukar Sadung. The MLE program cannot be successful without the help of UNESCO and also the community.

Our visit ended after an hour 30 minutes briefing with photo-taking session, and handing over the Bidayuh hill-paddy rice to YAB.