DBNA Bau Gotong-Royong

Date: 01-12-2017

Venue: DBNA Bau,  old rest house

Guests of Honor : YB Dato Henry Harry Jinep

President DBNA YBhg Datu Ik @ Pahon Joyik

District Officer : Pn Anielia Siam

Political Secretary : Charles Wilfred Nissom

7 Bau Councillors, Ketua Masyarakat from Jagoi, Bratak and Serembu area
Branches involved :


DBNA Serapi

DBNA Penrissen

DBNA Siburan

DBNA Kuching Tengah

DBNA Kuching Urban

DBNA Women

Gotong-Royong is to clear and revive the old DBNA Bau branch office. The house comprises a hall, 6 rooms, a kitchen and toilets. After this gotong-royong, DBNA Bau Branch will start the repair work on the property.
Datu President said in his speeched that the gotong-royong is very important to the bidayuh community. We should continue this activity in all DBNA branches. Any bidayuh members can do omething on the land like planting vegetables, keep kelulut to make the place vibrant.

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