YB Dato Sri Michael Manyin Jawong Challenge Trophy


The following Conditions, together with any amendments or additions as published by the Tournament Committee on the relevant entry form or at the golf course, will apply under Rule 33-1.

1. The Committee
The 10th WBGC is under the management of the Tournament Committee, which reserves the right to amend the Championship Conditions and the decisions of the Committee shall, in all matters, be final.

2. Date and Venue
The 10thWBGC will be played on Sat. 5th July 2014 at Siol/Demak Course, Kelab Golf Sarawak.

3. Eligibility and Handicap
Entries are open to Bidayuhs only, with maximum handicap of 24, or current NHS/USGA handicap index of 21.7 (blue tee) for Men, and maximum handicap of 36 or NHS/USGA handicap index of 32.7 for Ladies.
Those with higher handicaps may participate but shall play to the maximum handicap index of 21.7 (men) or 32.7 (ladies).
July handicap shall be used for the Tournament.
In the event that a player has more than one handicap, then his lowest handicap shall be used for the Championship. It is the sole responsibility of the players to declare their lowest handicap. Failure to comply shall result in disqualification in the handicap event.

4. Size of field
All Bidayuh golfers with valid handicaps are eligible to take part. There will be a maximum of 16 groups or flights (64 golfers).

5. Format
The Championship will be decided by Stroke Play over 18 holes. The Championship is Gross taking precedence over Net.
The Tournament Committee may cancel the Tournament if they consider that the course is not in a playable condition, or that there are circumstances rendering the proper playing of the game impossible.

6. Entrance Fee and Closing Date
Entrance fee shall be RM50.00 per person for KGS and Reciprocal members, RM100 for other participants (inclusive of buggy and green fees), and the fee shall be paid upon collection of score cards on the day of competition.
You may register online (WBGC site) or by phone to Ricky Guing (012-8962576), Robert Elone (016-8906902) or Dr Mosko Reuben (016-8980429).
Closing date for registration is Tue 1st July 2014.

7. The Draw
The draw shall be done by the Tournament Committee after the closing date, and flight information may be obtained by logging on to WBGC web site, or by phone to Evelyn at KGS, Ricky Guing, Robert Elone or Dr Mosko Reuben.
No changes shall be made after the draw has been released.
The Tournament Committee reserves the right to vary the draw and starting times at its absolute discretion.

8. Deciding Ties
In the event of a tie for first place, the winner shall be decided by matching score cards in the following order: last 9, 6, 3 holes and finally the last (18th) hole, and the handicaps to be deducted shall be ½, 1/3 , and 1/6 from the scores for those holes.
If the winner is still undecided, it shall be decided by lot.

9. Prizes
There shall be 10 Gross prizes and 15 Net prizes and the value of each shall be determined by the Tournament Committee.
The Gross winner shall be declared the Bidayuh Champion Golfer and he/she shall receive the YB Dato Sri Michael Manyin Jawong Challenge Trophy, and a memento to keep.
The Net winner shall be awarded the DBNA President Challenge Trophy and a memento to keep.

10. Transportation
All players shall use buggy on a twin sharing basis unless he is the odd one out in the group.
Penalty: two strokes for each hole at which the breach occurred.
Maximum penalty: four strokes.

11. Caddies
Only caddies assigned by Kelab Golf Sarawak are allowed to carry during the competition.
Penalty: two strokes for each hole at which the breach occurred.
Maximum penalty: four strokes.

12. Serious Breach of Etiquette
A penalty of Disqualification under Rule 33-7 will be imposed if the Committee determines that a player has committed “serious breach of etiquette”. Examples include but are not limited to:
i. Use of hand phone or other means during a stipulated round to disturb or distract other players
ii. Verbal abuse of fellow competitors, officials or staff.
iii. Other unbecoming conduct or behavior.

13. Teeing Ground
Men shall play from the BLUE tee and ladies from the RED tee.

14. Suspension of Play due to a Dangerous Situation (Notes to Rule 6-8b)
The specimen Condition in the Rules of Golf is in effect – p 140-141.

15. Returning of Score Card
A player’s score card is deemed officially returned to the Committee when he has left the scoring area.

16. Results of Championship – Competition Closed
When the Championship trophy is officially presented to the winner, the results of the competition are deemed officially announced and the competition is closed.

Tournament Commitee

Advisor,Dato Ik Pahon,019-8893006
Organizing Chairman,Robert Elone,016-8906902
Tournament Director,Dr Mosko Reuben,016-8980429
Treasurer,Ahkim Sarok,017-8978737
Public Relation,Charlie Ungang,013-8048566
Catering,Andrew Peter,019-8281336
Souvenirs,Ahkim Sarok & Ricky Guing,017-8978737
VIP Invitation,Dato Ik Pahon,019-8893006
Emcee,James Sinjeng,019-8171357
Publicity & Registration,Ricky Guing,012-8962576
Prizes,Ahkim Sarok,017-8978737
Back drop & Music,Charlie Ungang,013-8048566
Lucky Draw,Ahkim Sarok,017-8978737

Prize Giving Ceremony

The prize giving ceremony will be held in the Chinese Restaurant, First Floor, Kelab Golf Sarawak at 1.30 pm on Sat 5thJuly. All participants are cordially invited.

17. Local Rules.
Please see back of score card.

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