About Us


The emblem depicts the cultural environment and the way of life of the Community. It consists of a spear crossed with a parang on a shield, a tambok at the forefront and, as a background, hill and the sea. Below it is written the name of the Association and its abbreviation in black with a white background.” In the early 1950’s, a group of Bidayuh intellectuals realized that “the Bidayuhs must be united because they were separated by dialects, distance and religions”. The group (Helbourne Simigat, Wesley Harlon Timor and Augustine Sirau led by Ahguan Guga) were worried that a fragmented Bidayuh Community would not only be easily exploited but would be left far behind in the mainstream of development. They therefore decided to bring the various Bidayuh dialectical group under one umbrella body. That body was registered on 22 September 1955 as the Bidayuh National Association under the then Societies Ordinance 1947. Thus was born a new consciousness and awakening in the Bidayuh hinterland of their own identity, heritage and existence as a COMMUNITY.