The objectives of DBNA as enshrined in Article 4(1) of its Constitution are:-

  • To promote unity, mutual help, co-operation, understanding and friendship among Dayak Bidayuh.
  • To promote unity, co-operation and goodwill with other races.
  • To encourage self-reliance among Dayak Bidayuh.
  • To help provide education and to encourage the Dayak Bidayuh to raise their living standard.
  • To preserve and promote the culture of the Dayak Bidayuh.
  • To provide charitable aid.
  • To instill into the Dayak Bidayuh a sense of devotion and undivided loyalty to Malaysia.
  • To promote the spiritual, mental, physical and social wellbeing of members of the DBNA and the Community as a whole.
  • To encourage the Dayak Bidayuh to take their full measures of responsibility in civic affairs and to participate actively in nation-building.
  • To work in close co-operation with the government for the welfare of the Dayak Bidayuh Community.