Activities Events

While Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) which was formed and registered in 1955 is forthcoming, many activities has been organised and scheduled in celeberating its 60th Anniversary by the members particurarily the Central Executive committee and branches throughout the country. The latest activity being the Bidayuh World Bowling Tournment 2014 organised by Kuching Urban branch participated by more than 100 participants held at Lawn Bowl Kuching. The final was held on 23rd November 2014. It was a highly competitive match led by DBNA president, Datu IK Pahon Joyik and many supreme council members were also taking part. The purpose of the tournment is to gather as many Bidayuh youths as possible to test their hidden talents in bowling. At the end of the tournment Padawan branch was champion to take away Datuk Dr Jerip Susil challenge trophy, Penrisessen branch came second, and a team led by President DBNA was third. Datuk Dr. Jerip Susil, Assistant minister Of Health Sarawak handed over the prizes to the winners after the final match. He promised that the tournment would be of annual event as many participants from many branches are eager to participate.


Bidayuh Youths of today must be vibrant and think worldly as we slowly moved out from being too communial in the villages. Apart from that, it is to enable positive interaction between the youths and their leaders so that they are able to work together in a more progressive and more dynamic to enhance the Bidayuh community especially the youths in education, social, technical and vocational skill acquisation and entepreneurship.

Joseph Beron – DBNA Publicity Chief