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Financial Systems Phase 1 Training

Financial Systems Phase 1 training for DBNA branches in progress, after a 1 month break.

This time, on Saturday 19/1/19, it is with Samarahan, Padawan and Kuching Tengah branches. Training by Pasti Nyala Sdn Bhd teams.

Thank you all for the wonderful learning sessions.

Ethnic & cultural visit to Annah Rais Longhouse Padawan by delegation of Beijing Dance Academy China

A delegation of 6 persons from the Beijing Dance Academy, China, made an ethnic and cultural visit to the village of Annah Rais Longhouse, Padawan, Kuching, Sarawak, from 9am – 3:30pm on Tuesday 6 November 2018.

Led by the DBNA Padawan Branch Chairman, Mr Harry Busan and his team, together with DBNA Cultural Officer, Cr. Paul Akiu Bandat, and the Ana Rais Village Committee, the troupe was briefed on the cultural and Bidayuh ethnic by the Bidayuh Elders of the kampung. They were also welcomed by the special appearance of the legendary “Ring Ladies” of Kampung Semban, a “Pritung” musical ensemble performance and Ana Rais Cultural Troupe.

Photo credits: Mr Harry Busan, DBNA Padawan Branch

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