Datapuri Financial System Training

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In our continuing pursuit to be updated and remain relevant in the IT world, DBNA embarked on a training for the Branch Chairman and Treasurer on the Datapuri Financial System.

The training started with the Kuching area branches/locations first.

The first training session was held on Saturday 22/9/18 attended by DBNA Serapi Branch’s 3 office bearers. Kudos to them for being the first!

Today’s (29/9/18) training session was attended by the Kuching Urban Branch, Penrissen Branch, Lundu Branch, Siburan Branch, Bung Sadong Branch and the Women Branch. It was held at the Mini Hall, DBNA Hq at Jln Kumpang, Kuching, from 9am-4pm.

System Training was conducted by Miss Miliza and Miss Dimple of Pasti Nyala Sdn Bhd.

DBNA Admin staff on duty, Mdm Elizabeth Noyek and Mdm Jane Dripin were on hand to provide assistance on the system and to collect feedback.

Happy Unlearning, Learning and Relearning, everyone!😀

Next training date will be on 27/10/18 for the remaining Kuching Branches.