DBNA Education Workshop 2015

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An education workshop was organised by the DBNA Education Sub Committee on 7 March 2015. It officiated by the patron of DBNA, the honourable Dato Seri Michael Manyin Anak Jawong, who is also the current State Minister of Infrastructure and Communication. Also present at the workshop were the DBNA President, Datu IK Pahon Joyik; the President of Bidayuh Graduate Association (BGA), Associate Professor Dr. Ahi Sarok; the Chairman of the Education Sub Committee, Dr. Clarence Jerry; and members of the DBNA Supreme Council. The workshop was attended by 50 participants.

In the opening speech, Ik Pahon stressed that as a Bidayuh-based voluntary organisation, DBNA has to address some of the weaknesses and shortcoming faced by the bidayuh community, which are also hampered by lack of the financial resources, thus the need for this kind of workshop. This was further elaborated on by Michael Manyin, who in his speech reaffirmed that in the area of education, there is a pertinent needs by the community to attain the desireable level of socio-economic progress that would elevate the Bidayuh on equal footing with the other Malaysians.

During the workshop, the education sub committee deliberated on the terms of reference for its existence and on how the Education Committee would function at its best to serve the Bidayuh community as a whole ( and to draw a 5-year strategic planning). After this, the committee is expected to be better-structured to address the current issues facing the community in terms of education, particularly those that are within its control.

Apart from the formation of the main work committee.There are six sub committees that were formed to focus on specialised areas namely – the information and publicity, industrial and technical skills, human resource, community outreach programme, education fund, and tertiary and higher education. Through the workshop, the various sub committtees were able to identify some thematic issues that must be adequately addressed as prerequisites for the socio-economic advancement of the Bidayuh community towards Vision 2020. The sub committee was later renamed the DBNA-BGA Education Committee to see collaboration between DBNA and its offspring, the Bidayuh Graduate Association (BGA) in gearing up the community to become a knowledgeable, skilful and progressive one.