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On the 5 July 2017, the President of DBNA, Datu Ik @ Pahon Joyik joined Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak Datuk Amar Douglas Ugah visiting Kpg Paon Sg Rimu Bakung Serian, where the ground zero of the rabies epidemic was. The outbreak had took the life of very young kids Monica and Jackson. A dialogue with the community in and around the affected area was conducted on the danger of rabies, and how the state government, through the vetinary dept stop the spreading of the disease. Datuk Amar also visited a team of vetinary  officers, who gave vaccination to the cats and dogs in the village, while on his way to the home of the victims. At the home of the victims, Datuk Amar handed his personal donation and gave words of encouragement.

On behalf of DBNA, Datu Ik handed over donation to the family of Mazlan anak Pauzan. Future assistance will be given to the remaining children of the family.

Sarikei Branch:

Led by the Chairman Freddy Jombing, members of DBNA Sarikei excos visited the longhouse that was razed to the ground on the 26 June 2017. Food stuff and clothing collected by the members were sent to the the community of Rh. Mandau on 8 July 2017.

After the function,  the group adjourned to a Potluck lunch and BBQ held at one of their members’ place.

Simanggang Branch:

While down south,  DBNA Simanggang members led by the Chairman Mr Colin Robert had their charitable work at Rh. Kenyungan, a 19-door longhouse razed by fire on 28 June 2017. They handed over dried foods and clothes to the villagers.

Padawan Branch:
Also on the 8 July 2017, participation of DBNA Padawan  in co-organizing PESTA KEBUDAYAAN BI’ANNAH at Kpg Annah Rais. Lots of activities were arranged for the day and night event. Tradisional games,  cultural dances, traditional foods and music await visitors to the village. Mr Harry Busan was the key person to make the event a success.

Bintulu Branch:

Somewhere up north, a family gathering was organised by the members of DBNA Bintulu led by their season Chairman Mr James Kator. Their activity was held at Tanjung Batu Beach play ground. Every family brought along own food and drink to share among members. Membership drive was also part of their activity.

Mukah Branch:

On the 9 July 2017, the 59th Years birthday celebration and an appreciation dinner was held for Mr Agak Mat who held the Chairmanship of Mukah Branch for 6 years. During the recent TGM,  he passed the batton to Mr Harrison Tomi to lead DBNA Mukah. DBNA Mukah first few activities also included the Pesta Kaur and Gotong-royong at the school near to the town.

Klang Valley Branch:

Across the South China Sea on the 8 July 2017, a donation drive was held during The Ngiling Bidai Gawai at Pasar Borneo Seri Kembangan,  Kuala Lumpur for the victims of the recent case of rabies at Kpg Paon Sg Rimu Bakung Serian. The donation was for the family of Mazlan anak Pauzan who had lost the life of 2 of his children named Monica aged 6 and Jackon aged 4. The activity was headed by the Chairman of DBNA Klang Valley Mr Kencha Dewok and his team.

Samarahan Branch:

The month of June was an exceedingly busy month for the members of DBNA from Central down to it’s branches. Rallying to the call of the Organization President Datu Ik Pahon Joyik who suggested members at all levels initiated programmes be it academic, social sport and recreation , to realise the need for conconmittance. And the best time is to be with the young.

Puan Mering Kimson , honorary Secretary of DBNA Samarahan Quop branch cum Chairlady of Women Institute Sarawak, Quop branch organised WALK FOR the HEART. The WALK held in Quop attracted 70 plus walkers of mixed ages from 84 years down to six. The 5km plus walk started and finished at the WI Quop building. Vice President Jeannoth Sinel graciously accepted to flag off the walk and also presented prizes and gifts to the winners. The event ended with everyone invited to a sumptuous breakfast.

Penrissen Branch:
To thank the previous members of the branch,  Mr Aloysius Kuyong who won the election for the 2nd term organised an appreciation and welcoming  dinner for its members. Invited guests were Datu Ik @ Pahon Joyik and Central Excos, Ex-DBNA President Datuk Detta Samen and MPP’s Concilors, Temenggong Austin Dimin,  SAO Rangen Jaman,  Pemanca and Penghulu. The nearby branches were also invited to the function. Chairmans Mr Harry Busan and Mr Donald Ah Guan of Padawan and Samarahan branches respectively attended. the dinner was held at SIPS Restaurant, Siburan on 30 June 2017.

Serapi Branch:

DBNA Serapi branch recently organised an appreciation and welcoming dinner for its new exco for the term of 2017 – 2019 & its past excos 2014 – 2016. Guest of honour were YB Dato Henry Harry anak Jinep, ADUN N2 Tasik Biru cum Adviser of DBNA Serapi and Bau District Officer Pn Anielia Siam. The dinner was held at Opai Rainforest Cafe, Segong Singai on Sunday, 28th May 2017. The objectives of the dinner are to welcome the new excos and as an appreciation to  the past excos, as well as to appoint YB Dato as the Advisor of the branch. In addition, the past excos, including YB Dato who is the past DBNA Serapi Chairman from 2011 – 2017 were also presented with a Certificate of Appreciation signed by the President of DBNA.

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