Padawan Raft Safari 2014

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It was a day full of splashing and fun for the people around Penrissen when they came in full force to join the Padawan Raft Safari that was held along the Semedang River the 3rd of August 2014.

The starting point was at Kampung Danu and kicked off at 8.00am where it finished at Kampung Git with a total distant of 16 KM downstream. YB Datuk Dr Jerib Susil flagged off the challenge this year. The raft was made of joint bamboo and could accommodate up to 5 paddlers each.

Around 100 teams participated in different categories this year. The gruelling journey to the finishing line was not easy especially to those who were not familiar with the river terrain. This year DBNA Penrissen Branch headed by Mr Aloysius Kuyong with its Advisor and CEC member Mr Paul Akui Bandat had submitted 2 teams to join in the race.

The guest of honour was YB Dato Sri Dr James Dawos Mamit and the Chairman of MPP Mr Lo Khere Chiang waited at the finishing line to give away prizes to the winners. While waiting at Kampung Git, visitors visited booths that sold souvenirs and Bidayuh costumes and also sang at the Karaoke booth. Lots of foods and drinks were being sold to visitors.

DBNA teams managed to grab 4th and 7th position respectively. Next year they would try again and with proper preparation, training and endurance.