Piramin Kampong Bunuk in Penrissen, Kuching, Sarawak on Sunday 18/11/18

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Cikgu Josak Siam, Coordinator of DBNA’s signature ethnic education programme, the Multi-Linguistics Education proframme, giving out certificates of achievement to the children at the “Piramin Kampong Bunuk” in Penrissen, Kuching, Sarawak on Sunday 18/11/18.

He is seen here beating the “gong” 7 times to officiate the Sukanika (fun sports).

This is the yearly annual event of the Piramin Playschool (Bidayuh Language Playschool).

Present was the Deputy Chairman of DBNA Penrissen Branch, Cikgu Gibson Sateh and Summer Institute of Language staff, Mdm Morina Feensta.