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DBNA/MLE, Multi Lingual Education, in partnership with SIL Malaysia, conducted their end of year Taska and Tadika inservice training.

Currently, there are seven preschools ( Taska) and two kindergartens(Tadika) The inservice provided an oppportunity for professional development for the teachers and their assistants in the subjects taught and acquire new knowledge especially in Ethnoarts led by our own teacher and Administrator.

The workshop was held over one week at the Mini Hall, DBNA Headquarters in Kuching.

The teaching was conducted by Cikgu Josak Siam, Coordinator of the Bidayuh Language Development Project (BLDP) of DBNA and supported by Mdm Morina Feestra of SIL. Ms Carolline Sherley, Assistant Coordinator of the BLDP and Cikgu Alles, teacher, taught on Ethnoart education.

The Certificate of Achievement was presented by Mr Charli Ungang, Chairperson of the DBNA BLDP and Deputy President of DBNA Supreme Council. Ms Jane Dripin, Executive Secretary of DBNA, was also present at the presentation.

Congratulations to all the teachers, assistant teachers on the successful completion of the training. Thank you to SIL Mdm Morina, BLDP Cikgu Josak, Ms Carolline and Cikgu Alles for your time and dedication.