The Bidayuh Community Outreach Program 2015 in SK Kujang Mawang, Serian

On 8th May 2015, the Bidayuh Community Outreach Program 2015 was successfully carried out in SK Kujang Mawang, Serian. The program, a collaboration between the Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA), Institute of Teacher Education Batu Lintang Campus (IPGKBL), Institute of Teacher Education Campus Rajang (IPGKR) ALUMNI and SMK Tebakang ALUMNI, was the first of its kind which gave an opportunity for lecturers and association members involved to share experiences and knowledge for a common cause – to motivate participating parents and their children to prioritise education in their future endeavour.

The program was jointly coordinated by George Diie – the Chairman of the Lecturers’ Professional Club, IPGKBL and the President of IPGKR Alumni, Dr. Clarence Jerry – the DBNA Education Sub-committee Chairman, and Milon Sayeng – the Coordinator for DBNA Community Outreach Program and Deputy Serian District Education Officer.

There were about 300 participants which consisted of Year 5 pupils, parents and teachers from the five primary schools from Tebedu Sub-District – SK Kujang Mawang, SK Kujang Sain, SK Daha, SK Gahat Mawang and SK Tesu. The program was officiated by the patron of DBNA, IPGK Rajang ALUMNI and SMK Tebakang ALUMNI, the honorable Dato Sri Michael Manyin Ak Jawong who is also the State Minister for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Communication.

In his opening speech, Michael Manyin stressed on the pertinent roles of parents in giving support and motivation to their school-going children. He talked fondly of the educational challenges in the 50s and 60s which attributed to what he is now:

‘In the 50s and 60s, going to school is a way out of our life (the traditional way of life)…the girls stayed at home, there were lack of basic amenities like good roads, electricity and piped water in the kampungs. Formal education was simply not needed as a majority of the Bidayuh were not educated…those who managed to get good education were just mere coincidence through their own high self-resilent against the adversity of rural hardship and poverty.’

‘Education is very important for all in the quest of looking for jobs…good jobs definitely need one to have a good formal education. However, a good formal education may not be enough to secure a good job, as now we are facing the problems of unemployed graduates among the Bidayuh,’ he added when talking about education in the present situation.

Commenting on the unemployment issue of the Bidayuh graduates and youths, he said that it is important for the Bidayuh to have quality diplomas and degrees to enable them to compete with the other races in the job market. Michael also added that it is equally important too for the Bidayuh to look at having a diploma or a degree as an eye-openner to see economic opportunities around us. He advised those who cannot qualify for tertiary education to consider going for any skill-training as jobs related to this are abundant in Malaysia as it progresses to be a developed country by the year 2020.

Among those present during the ceremony were Jamiran Bin Salam – the Deputy Director of IPGKBL, John David Nyaoh- the Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, Sinde Muling – the Serian District Officer, Cr. Dr. Simon Sindang – the Deputy Chairman of Serian District Council, Bai Udin Dungak – Tebedu SAO, Carter Balang – the Principal of SMK Tebakang, and three members of the DBNA Supreme Council, Jubilant Austinway – the DBNA Secretary-General, Asem Linkin – the DBNA Treasurer-General and Dr. Clarence Jerry – the DBNA Assistant Treasurer-General and Chairman of the DBNA Education Sub-committee.

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