Bidayuh Traditional Costume

The traditional Bidayuh costume set for women comprises the short-sleeved or sleeveless blouse, ‘jomuh’ (skirt), and matching accessories such as the ‘selapai’ (sash), ‘pangiah’ (bead necklace), ‘porik’ (copper/ metal belt) and ‘sipiah’ (headgear).

The men wear a ‘tawuop’ or ‘tahup’ (long loin- cloth wrapped around the body with one end hanging down in front and the other at the back), the ” burang sumba” (headgear) and occasionally the “kima” (armlets).

The Bidayuh vest is a sleeveless garment covering the upper body. The sleeveless, waist or hip-length garment, with a front opening and worn over a shirt, blouse, dress, or other cloth for style. Very practical to wear during any function and celebration like Gawai, official meeting or dinner. It is a Bidayuh identity and a must have for a Bidayuh men. Like any fashion, the vest can also be worn by other community for its practicality. The Bidayuh vest comes in black colour cloth with white and red stripe, the colours for Bidayuh community. With yellow added to the stripe, it makes the vest looks more vibrant to anyone who wears it.

The “pangiah” (bead necklace) is made of high quality ceramic beads and pendants that is worn around the neck. Its pendants are either from the tooth of wild animals or artificial tooth that add a modern touch to the necklace. The “pangiah” is a very colourful rows of beads stitched/tied together with strings of nylon or small wires stripe. It is an ideal accessory for Bidayuh women which can be worn during official functions, cultural dinners and also for everyday use. The “pangiah” is one of the Bidayuh’s identities and a must have for Bidayuh ladies.